Erik Jensen
Erik Jensen
The Bossman
Sprucehill Custom Homes & Renovations

Erik is one of few Vancouverites that has been here his entire life. In fact, he has called the North Shore home for more than 95% of his life.

As a kid, he found himself helping his dad in the workshop and then helping the trades that came to work on the family house. His passion for construction was reignited while volunteering at Camp Artaban. He helped construct an out building for the campers so they could use flushing toilets instead of pit toilets. He can recall the moment when, sitting on the porch of Summerville House, lacing up his workboots, he smiled and realized, “Hey, I really love this stuff!”

Thankfully, his loving and extremely supportive wife (who had just watched him go through 4 strenuous years of post-secondary education getting his Bachelor of Computer Science Degree) didn’t leave him when he broke the news that he wanted to quit his office job managing a local IT firm to swing a hammer in 2006! Thanks Lianne!!!

As an excellent visual learner and problem solver, Erik quickly worked his way from labourer, to apprentice, to journeyman in under 2 years.

Sprucehill was incorporated in 2006, but Erik didn’t really get serious about creating his business until January of 2009. When he did get serious, he got really serious and set out to make Sprucehill Contracting the best custom home builder and renovation company on the North Shore.

Now, Erik leverages the problem solving and technology skills learned in university to enable Sprucehill to run as efficiently and as organized as it does. And, if you ask him, he’ll tell you that Sprucehill is one of the most organized construction companies in the biz. And if you ask the trades and clients that work with Sprucehill, they’ll agree!

What Erik is most proud of are his wife and kids, but a close second is the team that he gets to work with every day. And it’s that team that allows Sprucehill to grow and provide our customers with a fantastic construction experience.